calculating your pathway


(i) Heavy industry output growthABC
(ii) Rate of energy consumption decline123
(iii) Proportion of CCS usage123
(i) Strategic industry output growthABC
(ii) Rate of energy consumption decline123
(i) Light industry output growthABC
(ii) Rate of energy consumption decline123


(i) Inner city transport demand1234
(ii) Travelling methodsABCD
(iii) Usage of green vehicles1234
(i) Inter city transport demand1234
(ii) Travelling methodsABCD
(i) International travel demand1234
(i) Freight transport demand and method1234
(ii) Freight vehicles1234
(i) International freight demand1234

Urban resident

(i) Residential indoor temperature1234
(ii) Residential building insulation performance1234
(iii) Residential temperature adjustment methodsABCD
(iv) Per capita housing area1234
(i) Urban residents' energy consumption1234
(ii) Usage of electricity1234


(i) Area of public buildings1234
(ii) Public buildings' insulation 1234
(iii) Public buildings' temperature adjustmentABCD
(iv) Public buildings' indoor temperature1234
(i) Public buildings' method of lightingABCD
(ii) Public buildings' 'other' electrical equipment1234

Rural resident

(i) Rural residents' per capita heat demand123
(ii) Rural heat provision structureABC
(iii) Rural per capita electricity demand123

Renewable energy

Onshore wind energy1234
Offshore wind energy1234
Geothermal energy1234
Ocean energy1234
PV solar energy1234
Solar thermal energy1234
Solar water heaters1234


Nuclear power1234

Thermal power

(i) Natural gas electricity generation1234
(ii) Greening of coal powerABCD
(iii) Rate of CCS usage1234


(i) Land utilisationABCD
(ii) Per capita meat consumption1234
(iii) Biomass collection rate1234
Bioenergy conversion1234

Fossil fuel

Coal output1234
Natural gas output1234
Contracted natural gas imports1234
Coal chemical industry1234

Waste disposal

(i) Per capita waste1234
(ii) Waste disposal methodsABCD
(iii) Landfill gas reclamations 1234


Electricity imports1234
Residual heat utilisation1234
Geological sequestration1234
Power storage plants1234
Forestry carbon credits1234